Amy Class of 2017

Here is just a few of our images from our session with Amy. We met up for hair and make-up with the talented Amanda at Allure Hair Design and when we were ready to head out to our location it was raining cats and dogs!! We headed out to our location anyway and the minute we arrived it stopped raining, just for us to do what we needed to do!


Amber Class of 2017

This is Amber class of 2017. Here are just a few of the images we captured during her senior session. I first met her while we shot her older sisters senior photo’s a few years back. Really love them both, such great gals!

You can’t even tell that she had hundreds, no wait, thousands of cross country runners running by her the entire session, it didn’t even phase her! Oh and the wind, so much wind but we did it! What a great sport she was.


Use your images as gifts…my 3 favorite items for 2016

Are you thinking about using images from your photo session as gifts for the Holiday Season?

I think it is a fabulous idea!

We can pretty much turn your images into anything you can think of such as a calendar,  coffee mug, cell phone case…the list goes on. I have three favorite idea’s for 2016.

I just ordered a sample of these brand new canvas ornaments and I LOVE how they turned out. They are a sturdy canvas material that if stored correctly can last a very long time.

They come in a set of 4 and you can mix & match the image and shape!

You can gift the whole set  or you have 4 different gifts right there!

A very affordable gift.



Then, we have the traditional Holiday card…but it has a section with your image and best wish that pops out as an ornament! They come in a set of 25. What a neat idea!! I have several templates to choose from.



The third item on my favorite list this year is a Monopoly game board with your images! Yep that is right, your images. How fun is that!?!?




Contact me for pricing and more information.

Class of 2017 Senior Yearbook Photo Deadline Submission Dates

I know it is only mid August but Yearbook submission dates are approaching fast. You don’t want to end up with your ID card photo in your graduation class yearbook!!

All schools have their own rules and regulations for images that can be submitted. Don’t sweat it, I can help find out your info specific to your school and even submit the imageIMG_6892 copy  for you.

These date are the best I can find as of 8/18/2016. And will be adding more schools as they come in.

Remember, these dates are DEADLINES for the images to be submitted. Your session needs to take place at least 3 weeks prior to the  deadline date.

  • Newberg High School-February 1st 2017
  • McMinnville High School-October 21st 2016
  • Sherwood High School-February 1st 2017
  • Lake Oswego- January 2017
  • Tigard-Early November 2016
  • Beaverton-Early October 2016
  • Hillsboro- Mid December 2016
  • Salem High School-November 4th 2016
  • Aloha High School-Early December 2016
  • Tualatin High School-January 6th, 2017





Attention Class of 2017 High School Graduates…It is time to get your Senior Photo’s done!

Did you know now is the time to get your class of 2017 High School Senior photo’s done? Yep, that’s right! Now (July) – October is the best time to have your session!

Most High Schools require yearbook images due as early as November!


High School Senior sessions are one of my all time favorite sessions to do. It is an end of a chapter in their life and a new one just beginning.

We offer a free no-obligation consultation to chat about what you are looking for in a IMG_5942 copysession. We like to have fun at our shoots and want to make sure you do as well. No two
people are the same and your session shouldn’t be either. We want it to represent who YOU are.

We are not your “typical” photography studio either.  We offer a few different things that you won’t find with most other photographers. Curious what that can be? Give me a call or shoot me an email and I will explain! Contact us!

During this consultation we can go over our different options. We have everything from a

  • simple “mini” session that is usually a favorite for those guys who really don’t want to do pictures. I get it, I have three of them myself!
  • a more of a “standard” session that is most popular
  • and a more “styled” session offering hair/makeup and a wardrobe

Please visit for more information and contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Here is a little of what some of our clients have shared with us recently…

 Although I’ve known Nichole for years, our first experience with her photography was four years ago when our Kendlyn 033 copydaughter Carley had her Senior Portraits done LaVoie Photography. We were so impressed by Nichole’s easy going manner and willingness to take such a variety of pictures. The ordering process was easy – except that we had so many beautiful photos to choose from. Now fast forward four years and our youngest requested that her Senior Photos by taken by Nichole because she remembered what fun her big sister had. Kendelyn is loving being one of Nichole’s Newberg Sr. Reps and if the results from the first photo shoot are any indication, the choices won’t be any easier this time around! ~Shelley 
My experience at first was nerve wrecking , because it was something I hadn’t done before , and it was a little out of aIMG_3452_edited-1 copy_edited-1my comfort zone , just for the few minutes at least , I would assume the same goes for others as well. Through out the session , Nichole , you , we’re very helpful and took me out of that comfort zone in a really confident way. You made me feel like I was running the shoot , everything felt right and fit for me. It was a good experience , and I’ll definitely be looking forward to more shoots with you ! ~Brianna


I really enjoyed the photo session I did with you; it was a great experience. It definitely helped _MG_2747_edited-1me gain confidence in front of the camera. The pictures turned out amazing and I had so much fun doing the shoot. It was awesome meeting new people and just having fun.
I can’t wait for our next session. ~Andrea





The Bailey Senior Photo Session


The Bailey 2017 Senior Photo Session

In Loving Memory of Bailey Engels 3/14/1999 – 7/4/2012

The Bailey Senior Photo Session is a free senior photo session to be given to a deserving graduating class of 2017 Newberg High School student.

Not all students are able to afford a Senior Portrait Session and we want a deserving student to have that experience. Tell us why you think they/you deserve the session. Everyone has a story and we want to hear it. LaVoie Photography has a wonderful Class of 2017 Senior Representative group and they will be part of the deciding team along with other community members that knew Bailey well to decide who gets the session.

The Session includes:

  • Hair and Make-up
  • Outfit at a local Boutique
  • 2 hour session within 25 miles of 97132
  • Yearbook image
  • Digital images with print release
  • 50.00 print credit
Non transferable no cash value.

Email nominees to with the subject line The Bailey Session.

  • Nominees must be a graduating Class of 2017 Newberg High School student
  • All that is needed is to tell us who and the story explaining why they deserve the experience.
  • Though The Bailey Session is geared towards a session for the gals, guys are welcome to be nominated as well. In 2019 we will have a Jackson senior session geared more towards the guys.

All entries must be submitted by midnight June 30, 2016

A little about Bailey…

Bailey Elizabeth Engels, born in Tualatin, OR on March 14, 1999 had attended Dundee Elementary School and would have started 8th grade at Chehalem Valley Middle School. Her life was unexpectedly and unjustly ended by her father on July 4th 2012 who she had been taken to spend time with and had been excited to see. She will be remembered for her innocent and loving smile. She loved her parents and especially loved spending time with her mother. She was an avid water polo player and was a leader amongst her peers. She also loved spending time with “Nana” and “Pop” her grandparents, who often took her camping. Some of her favorite pass times were making jam with Nana and playing with her brother and cousins. She had a big heart and will be forever missed by her grandparents, her extended family, and many dear friends and schoolmates. 

I’m so grateful to have been able to do a little photo session with them just a few short months prior to July 4, 2012. Photographs were always so important to Amy.



036-1 (1)





High School Senior Portraits 2016 & 2017 Newberg/Portland Photographer

For graduating 2016 High School Seniors it is CRUNCH TIME.

I am sure SENIORITIS has completely kicked in and graduation is almost here. Yikes!  A few of you have not had your senior pictures done yet.  If that is the case call us A.S.A.P and we will help you out, you are not alone.

We totally have your back with:

  • location idea’s
  • styling with hair & make-up
  • wardrobe  help

For graduating 2017 High School Seniors, it is time to book!

Now is the time to start thinking about booking your senior pictures, yep, the summer before your senior year is the prime time to get that checked off your list, fall is good as well but as you will soon learn once your senior year starts, you are busy, busy, busy. So, getting on the books soon is something to think about.

We always start with a free consultation to chat to get to know one another to see if we are a good fit for each other and talk about idea’s.  Then, we can get you on the books and start planning your custom session.

While planning your session think about what make you, YOU.  That could mean incorporating:

  • Sports
  • Hobbies
  • Music
  • Favorite car/truck
  • Place
  • Your BFF
    LPP_7649_edited-3                            DSC_0146bseanseniorfbSpringtaleCollage-11x14


fbaLPP_7732 digitalsize-1_edited-2



How Many Hours Do I Need My Wedding Photographer?

What we capture on your big day.


Wedding Coverage

We are with you from the time you start getting ready for big day into the night of your reception. We cover Getting Ready, Ceremony and Reception, Family and Bridal Party Portraits,
Wedding Day Details, and all of the Special Moments throughout your day.

Our style is very candid. However, we do pose for family formals and bridal party photos. For most of the day, you’ll barely notice we are there, as we try to remain discreet. We won’t be all up in your face or being a distraction to you or your guests.

We cover all of the main events throughout the day and will get all of the many details that you worked so hard to put together for your big day. If there’s something in particular you want to make sure we get a lot of photos of, just let us know. We’re happy to accommodate you. If you want to get a not-so-formal photo with some friends during the reception, just pull us aside and ask us to snap a photo or two. Just sit back and relax, because we’ve got you covered!

How Many Hours Do I Need My Wedding Photographer?

One of our most frequently asked questions is: How long should I book my wedding photographer for? This is a great question, and we’re here to help you find the answer.

What do you want covered?

First, you need to decide what important details you want covered. Do you want a lot of getting ready shots prior to the ceremony? Do you want us to stay for the entire reception? These details will affect the length of time you will need us there. If you want us to stay until your reception exit, and you want a lot of candid, getting ready shots, you will need full day coverage. If you just want a few getting ready shots, that will knock off some time. If you want us to stay for just the main events in the reception and not until the last guest leaves, then this will also shorten the day. By deciding on a start and/or end time, this is the first step to booking your package.

Ceremony Length

Next, you need to think about the ceremony length. For a Catholic wedding, the ceremonies tend to be longer, so you will need to allot more time for that. If you want us to cover you getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception, I suggest 10 hours for Catholic weddings. If you have a shorter ceremony, you won’t need to take out as much time from your schedule.

Location Transfer

Now let’s talk about location. If you have a shorter ceremony and your reception is at the same venue as your ceremony, then you won’t need as much time because you can take out travel time. I would say something like this would be good for six to eight hours, depending on the formal photos.

On that same note, if your reception is at a different venue, you will need to include travel time into your schedule. Also incorporate the amount of time it takes to pack up all of your stuff to take to the reception. If you are going to take photos along the drive to the reception, more time will need to be added for that as well.


Formal Photo Requirements

For formal photos, you have to consider how many people are in your bridal party, and how many people are going to be in your family photos. If you have a small bridal party and a small number of family members having photos done, (and you’re at the same location the whole time), then six hours will suffice. If you have a larger family or bridal party, you will need closer to eight hours.


Special Exit

If you’re doing a special exit from the reception, like a sparkler exit, you’ll need to have full day coverage.

Some weddings can be covered in just four hours. If you’re having a backyard wedding or a courthouse wedding where your reception is short (for example, no dancing, etc.) and maybe just like a sit down dinner at a restaurant, then this could all be covered in four hours time.


How Much Time Do I Need for Photos If I Don’t Have a First Look?

If you want to go the more traditional route and forego the first look, here are the minimum times you will need to schedule out for photos after the ceremony.

  1. For family formals, you will need 30 to 45 minutes depending on your family size.
  2. You will need a half hour for bride and groom portraits and 30 to 45 minutes for your bridal party pictures, depending on the number of people in your party.
  3. If you are taking photos off location, you will have to gather everything together and transport it. It is a good idea to designate a friend or someone who is not going to be in photos to do this for you to save time.
  4. Keep in mind that it is super hard to keep family, friends, and bridal party members together and all in one place after the ceremony, especially if it is a large party. For that reason, you need to allot some extra bubble time in case someone goes missing.

These are the minimum times. If you have more people in your family and bridal party photos, you may want to add some more time.

Contact us at for more information.

Why we choose to have a second shooter

Why Do We Have a Second Shooter?

Our most populre wedding packages include two photographers – a main photographer, and a second shooter. A second shooter is an additional photographer who is there to cover the wedding as well. We choose to have a second shooter for many reasons.

  1. It is impossible to everywhere at one time. If you want photos of the bride and groom both getting ready, we can’t be in both locations at once. By having a second shooter, we can cover more events at one time. If you like candid shots, you absolutely want a second shooter. They will be able to get all of the little moments that are happening behind the scenes. If you only have one photographer and he or she is with the bride while the groom is getting ready, then you will have to have the groom mock up and fake these moments to look candid, while missing the real thing. You don’t want “forced candids.”


  1. During the wedding, the main photographer is so focused on getting all the traditional shots that sometimes we miss the candid moments during your ceremony. A second shooter is looking out for these moments. By having a second shooter, it ensures that you get more candid shots.


  1. You’ll also get more creative shots for the same reason. Second shooters aren’t worried about getting the traditional shots because that is what the main photographer is doing. This frees them to be able to be more creative. They can catch different angles and give you a fresh perspective.


  1. With a second shooter being there, we always have a backup on scene in the event the main photographer gets sick or injured. The second shooter will be able to take over for them without skipping a beat.


  1. It is also good to have two different cameras shooting the event. In case of emergency – for example, a camera is broken or a card gets corrupted – you will still have photos and they won’t all be lost or damaged.


  1. If we are limited on time, having a second shooter will ensure we don’t miss anything. One of us can be shooting the reception details while the other is in cocktail hour getting all of those candid moments and details.

More wedding information visit LaVoie Photography