Use your images as gifts…my 3 favorite items for 2016

Are you thinking about using images from your photo session as gifts for the Holiday Season?

I think it is a fabulous idea!

We can pretty much turn your images into anything you can think of such as a calendar,  coffee mug, cell phone case…the list goes on. I have three favorite idea’s for 2016.

I just ordered a sample of these brand new canvas ornaments and I LOVE how they turned out. They are a sturdy canvas material that if stored correctly can last a very long time.

They come in a set of 4 and you can mix & match the image and shape!

You can gift the whole set  or you have 4 different gifts right there!

A very affordable gift.



Then, we have the traditional Holiday card…but it has a section with your image and best wish that pops out as an ornament! They come in a set of 25. What a neat idea!! I have several templates to choose from.



The third item on my favorite list this year is a Monopoly game board with your images! Yep that is right, your images. How fun is that!?!?




Contact me for pricing and more information.

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